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  1. Watch this 4 minute video:

  2. Your payments are sent on the 15th of every month. Your will receive an email from Wise Payment Systems with instructions to download your money.

  3. Install the free Instant Recall app and register:

  4. The moment you register you receive a referral code and 2 coded web pages.
    • One page is identical to this page with your personal referral code: Code Here
    • Another page has your personal QR code to market anonymously located at: Code Here
To see your referral code, open the Instant Recall app to the map page and click the white box in the upper right corner. Look for your referral code in the lower left.

* Please screenshot and save this instruction page

* If you register using the social media icons, use the same icon to login

* You can print and display your QR code for maximum exposure in public areas where people can scan your QR code – Add a few words above your QR code like "Need Money?"

* Now you own a home based business that is eligible for an average tax savings of $1,700 a year. Read more at – search home business deductions

* This is a PowerPoint for better understanding